NYSBA – Legal Services to Immigrants


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New York State Bar Association
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Joseph Napoli is a New York City-based attorney with the firm of Napoli Shkolnik and a professor at the St. John’s University School of Law. Throughout his career, attorney Joseph Napoli has been a member of various federal and local professional organizations, including the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).

The NYSBA recently penned an open letter of support for New York governor Andrew Cuomo and his vision to ensure that immigrants facing potential legal hurdles are able to access the services they need to adequately defend themselves.

NYSBA’s Special Committee on Immigration Representation has studied this issue in depth over recent years. In 2012, the group authored a special report that concluded immigrants who are facing deportation often either cannot afford an attorney or are not familiar with how to actually retain one. The report also found that there is a small pool of lawyers actually equipped to handle these complex cases. That report can be found at www.nysba.org/immigrationreport.